But like the old saying teaches us, all things must pass; sooner or later.
When the mid nineties brought along the unstoppable popularity of grunge music, all interest in the band seemed to be fading. After a final show in Antwerp during the summer of 1996 the band members walked away, each into their own direction. Having lost the spirit and all inspiration to go on, it was time to close the doors to the
Kitchen of Insanity.

About four years later, singer Paul, guitar wizard Frank en bass player Fil rejoined to hold court in a tiny dark attic. With further help from a drum computer and further digital technologies, their goal was to craft the fourth Kitchen CD. The resulting album is made up of new inventive songs, in a style somehow accustomed to the modern times, dragging the Kitchen into the new millennium. Although bringing together a wide variety of musical directions, the album stands as a tight unit. The songs conduct a fresh breath of air in a musical landscape that failed to place the band into the right spot. Unofficially titled Beg Your Pardon, this Kitchen swansong is known only by insiders as it is unpublished to this day.

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For the time being, we are left with great memories, beautiful music and a legacy kept alive by a tiny force of faithful fans. It should be stated that the Kitchen of Insanity and its members have turned heads and left behind many a marker. After all, they remain a part of Belgian musical history, with a steady, ongoing entry in the mighty Dutch encyclopaedia of pop by Oor.
In the bestselling book Rock Over Belgium (1957-2005) by Kris Dierckx,
Paul De Borger and Frank De Cort are granted no less than eight entries as pillars of our nation's pride. There's mention of the pre-Kitchen band Dada and their 1980's singles Say No More and Sometimes, but also of Sentimental Days by a second early group called The Soul Interiors. The Kitchen of Insanity itself is featured five times in the 1990's chapter of the same book.

In the aftermath of all Insanity, the Kitchen band members were involved in a number of projects, especially Paul De Borger, who remains unwilling to give up on his natural talents as a writer, composer and performer. In the early years of the new millennium, Paul enthused many a rock fan with his band Drunken Maria, bringing good old fashioned rock to Belgian stages again. Many things have changed, others haven't and maybe never will. To this very day (Feb. 2007) new songs and ideas come to life; ready to be blown into the appropriate direction of the musical hemisphere at the right time...

And maybe, just maybe there will be a day that someone ... with a universal mind ... in a distant solar system ... rediscovers the Kitchen of Insanity ... 'till then ... goodbye!


background music: Stop Thinking (Beg Your Pardon)